What is the Short Inventory Planner Module?

The Short Inventory Planner module allows you to quickly view which Items require replenishment, along with all the Inventory levels. It suggests you a quantity to Order, based on Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and warehousing allocation. Directly from this module, you can create a Purchase Order, Transfer Order, or MO/Batch MO for insufficient items.

The “Options” button gives the following 5 features:

  1. Create New PO: Create a new Purchase Order (PO) with the items selected.
  2. Create new Transfer PO: Create a new Transfer PO with the items selected.
  3. Add to Existing PO: Add selected items to an existing PO.
  4. Create Batch MO: Create a new Manufacturing Order (MO) with the Items selected.
  5. Create new PO by Default Vendor


  • Store: Select the store to show short items for.
  • Item: All Items/Purchasable Items/Manufacturable Items
  • Do not show sufficient items: Check this to hide items that have sufficient inventory.
  • Include Re-Order Point Data: This will include the Items if their Qty is short than the Re-Order point Qty. Read more about “Re-Order Qty”.

The descriptions below refer to the column headings of the items:

  • Not Available: A “Not Available” item is considered to be damaged or not sellable in some way. Therefore it is categorized separately from “Available”. These items are usually stored in a damaged location or separate from regularly stocked goods.
  • Available: An “Available” item is considered to be regular on-hand inventory that can be sold. Please note that Available + Not Available = On Hand.
  • On Hand = Available + Not Available
  • Net Available = Available – Allocated (this can never be a negative quantity)
  • ATS = Available – On SO
  • ATS (Inc PO) = Available – On SO + On PO
  • In Receiving: These are the items that are on an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), so they are in the process of being put away into their storage locations. Once an ASN is closed they will become “Available” inventory.
  • On SO: These are items that are on released sales orders, but they haven’t been shipped yet. Once they are shipped, they will no longer be “On SO”.
  • On MO (-): These are items that are to be consumed during manufacturing, so they will be used to create another item. Therefore they will be depleted from the system once that item has been produced. “On MO (-)” items appear as part of the recipe in Released, In Picking, or Work In Progress manufacturing orders (MO).
  • In Picking/Allocated: Items that are in “In Picking” are on Waves and are in the process of being picked. Once the item has been shipped or produced in a manufacturing order, it will no longer be “In Picking”.
  • On PO (Draft): These items are on open purchase orders. Once the PO is released, then these items will go over to “On PO”.
  • On PO: These items are on released purchased orders.
  • On MO (+): These are items that are to be produced during manufacturing, so they will consume other items. Therefore their stock will be increased in the system once the manufacturing order (MO) is produced. “On MO (+)” items appear as the item to be produced for a Released, In Picking, or Work In Progress MO.
  • Short: On SO + On MO (-) – Available.
  • To Order: Short – On PO – On MO (+).

The detailed information on the columns like “Available”, “On SO”, On MO”, “On PO” can be viewed by clicking on the required column.

The On SO Detail view: 

The Table View for Sales History and Forcast Trend is also available.

Video Tutorial

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