What is B2B App Configuration?

The B2B App Config page has the following settings that define its behavior under certain conditions.

Type App Config at Search menu and select B2B tab that opens few B2B setting such as :

  1. Use Grid for Variant View in B2B: Select ” Yes” if you want to use the grid for variant view. For instance, the 3-variant product uses this option to show at B2B.
  2. Set default payment term for new created customer: For new customers, you can set default payment terms from the list such as COD, Credit card, Net 10 or Due on Receipt.
  3. Set default payment terms: You can select one or more options from the list to set default payment terms for existing users such as COD,  CCD, NET 30, Due on receipt or 2% 15 MONTH FOLLOWING.
  4. New sales order notification in B2B: You can select one or more options to send a notification to customers for their new sales order in B2B i.e. Email or Internal Notification.
  5. Send additional notification on a new sales order in B2B to the following emails: You can send additional notification on new sales order in B2B to one or more emails by using “,”. For example, test1@gmail.com,test2@gmail.com.
  6. Number of milliseconds delay in sending emails: You can enter a numeric value that defines the millisecond’s delay in sending emails to the customer(s) but we generally use zero/’0′ for this field.

Note: Please beware that some of these settings can cause massive changes in your system’s behavior. If you are unsure of any settings, please log a ticket before changing anything.

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