What is an Item Vendor Mapping?

An Item Vendor Mapping maps an Item to a Vendor so that whenever a Purchase Order is created with that particular Vendor and Item, the mapped rate and discount are retrieved. This can be useful when certain Vendors offer special rates for specific Items.

Mappings can also be enabled/disabled depending on their validity. Use the Item Vendor Mapping module to create and edit item Vendor mappings.

The Item Vendor Mapping Module

  • Active Map: Check this box if you want the mapping to take place.
  • Item Number: Select the Item Number of the Item you want to map. So when this Item is retrieved in a Purchase Order along with the selected Vendor, the Item’s rate and discount can be specified.
  • Vendor: Select the Vendor you want to map the Item.
  • Vendor List Price: Enter the list price for this Vendor Mapping, it will be fetched into the Purchase Order.
  • Vendor Discount: Enter the Vendor discount for this mapping, it will be fetched into the Purchase Order.
  • Vendor Part Number: Enter the Part Number for the Item.
  • Lead Time (days): Enter the lead time for this Item.

Please note that if an Item is created (either manually or through an upload) with a default Vendor then an Item Vendor Mapping will be created automatically.

To enable or disable the use of Item Vendor Mappings, see the App Config settings:

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