What is an Item Identifier Code?

The Item identifier code column specifies, how the Item number field value of the file will be used to match the Item in the system.

Below are the valid identifier codes to be used in the Batch upload modules:

0 will represent Not Applicable.
1 will represent Item Number.
2 will represent Item UPC.
3 will represent Item Barcode.
4 will represent Alternate item number 1.
5 will represent Alternate item number 2.
6 will represent Alternate item number 3.

Item identifier support was previously provided in only the Upload Inventory module, now this feature is provided for the following uploads:

  • Upload Wave  (Ship confirmation file)
  • Upload ASN receipt
  • Upload Sales order
  • Upload Purchase order
  • Upload Create wave
  • Upload Create ASN
  • Inventory movement

How does it work?

  • Navigate to, for example, the “Batch Upload Inventory movement” module.
  • Scroll down and find Step# 6: “Select Item Identifier Code”.

  • Click on the drop-down in front.

  • Select what information you want to upload regarding the Item: Item Number, Item UPC, Item Bar Code, Alternate Item number, etc.
  •  If the Code value is empty in the Upload file, it will take the dropdown value else the File value will get uploaded.
  • If both the Upload file and the dropdown values are not specified, the system will by default pick up “Item Number”.

  • The system will give an error in upload if the “Item Number” column entry doesn’t match the valid “Item Identifier Code” value.
  • Also if any other value other than 1-6 is provided in the upload file, an error will be received while uploading the Inventory.

Please Note: The ItemUPC column has been removed from Upload Wave, and Upload ASN with the replacement of “Item Identifier Code”. Also, the related App Configs have been removed. 

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