ASN – Advanced Shipping Notice

An Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is a document that shows the details of pending delivery. You can create an ASN by adding single or multiple PO line(s) and use it to put away the Inventory into your warehouse. Once you close an ASN, it will automatically generate an Item Receipt from the Purchase Order(s).

Here are the statuses for an ASN:

  • Open: All of the ASN lines have 0 quantity put-away.
  • In Receiving: At least one ASN line has more than 0 quantity put away into the location(s), but there is at least some quantity that has not been put away on a line.
  • Received: All of the ASN lines have all of their quantities put away into the location(s).
  • Closed: The ASN has been fully processed and closed.
  • Void: The ASN has been voided and is no longer valid for receiving. Please note that only Open ASNs can be voided.

The Create ASN Module: 

Create ASN Fields

Use the “Purchase Order Criteria” fields in this header to search for purchase orders below.

  • Select Store: Select the store to fetch all the POs of this store.
  • Select Vendor: Selecting a vendor here will only show the POs of it below.
  • Order Number: Enter the order number to further refine your search.
  • Delivery Date: Only show POs below that are within this delivery date.
  • Order Date: Only show POs below that have this order date.
  • Order Status: Only shows POs below that have this status.
  • Apply Filter: Apply the search criteria to show the POs below.
  • Purchase Order List: This shows all the Purchase Orders that have been searched from the criteria above.
  • Advanced Search: Use an Advanced Search amongst the searched POs to further narrow down your list.
  • Purchase Order Lines: This box fetches all the lines from the PO that has been selected above.
  • ASN Lines: This shows all the PO lines that have been sent to the ASN.

Video tutorials:

(The first shows how to create an ASN and the second is for processing an ASN.)

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