What is a Vendor?

A Vendor is a person or business that supplies goods or services to a Company. A Vendor can be a Consultant, a Manufacturer, a Service Provider, a Supplier, or a Tax Agency.  In Xoro the Vendor information can be stored in the Vendor module.


Vendor Fields


  • Vendor Type: Consultant/Manufacturer/Service Provider/Supplier/Tax Agency
  • Company Name: The vendor’s company name.
  • First Name: The first name of the vendor’s contact.
  • Last Name: The last name of the vendor’s contact.
  • Vendor Name: The field is automatically filled from the First and Last Name entered.
  • Currency: The vendor’s currency.

Contact Info – Contact Info

  • Job Title: The vendor contact’s job title.
  • Main Phone: The vendor contact’s main phone number.
  • Work Phone: The vendor contact’s work phone number.
  • Mobile: The vendor contact’s mobile phone number.
  • Fax: The vendor contact’s fax number.
  • Main Email: The vendor contact’s main email.
  • CC Email: The vendor contact’s CC email.
  • Other Contact Info: Any other contact information for the vendor.

Contact Info – Address Info

Use to Add/Edit, or Delete Billing or Shipping Addresses:

  • Address: The vendor’s address.
  • City: The vendor’s city.
  • State: The vendor’s state.
  • Zip/Postal Code: The vendor’s zip or postal code.
  • Country: The vendor’s country.


  • Opening Balance: If necessary enter a positive or negative amount here for the vendor’s balance. This will generate a bill or vendor credit for the vendor and is handy for when creating a vendor with an existing balance.
  • Opening Balance Date: The opening balance date.
  • Default Payable Account: The default AP for this vendor. This account will be automatically fetched in the relevant modules when this vendor is selected.
  • Account No: The account number.
  • Payment Terms: The default payment term for this vendor. These payment terms will be automatically fetched in the relevant modules when this vendor is selected.
  • Credit Limit: The credit limit for the vendor.
  • Name On Cheque: This is the vendor’s name on the cheque to be displayed. When a payment is made with this vendor by cheque, this name is fetched by default.

Sales Tax

  • Is Sale Tax Agency: Select this if the vendor is a tax agency.
  • Tax Code: The vendor’s default tax code. This tax code will be applied to all items for relevant modules when this vendor is selected.
  • Business Number: The vendor’s business number.

Other Info

  • Lead Time (days): The lead time days for the vendor.
  • Min Order Amount: The minimum order amount for this vendor.
  • Vendor Since Date: The vendor has been with the company since this date.
  • Alert Note: Enter an alert note here for a vendor that will be displayed when the vendor is selected in some modules.

Bank Transfer Info

Select the Bank Transfer Type. Presently we have introduced payments through the ABA files for making payments to the Vendors using the Banks.

Please refer to the Help Article below for more details on “How the Payments through ABA files work in Xoro”?

Email Template

Here you can define the following while sending Emails to the Vendors:

  1. Document (PDF) that will be attached in the email,
  2. The Email Template(Email Template Body) is to be used, and
  3. The “Send From” Email (Company/user).

Video tutorial:

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