What is a Transfer Sales Order?

A Transfer Sales Order (TSO) is for creating a Sales Order of Items that are going to be delivered to another Store. Because this is an internal transfer, no Invoices or Bills are generated during the Receiving and Shipping of Transfer Orders. When a Transfer Sales Order is Released, its associated Transfer Purchase Order is automatically generated, and vice versa. The correct procedure for processing Transfer Orders is to Ship the TSO first, then receive the Transfer Purchase Order.

Please Note: Any modifications to the transfer Sales Order after release will not be automatically reflected on the respective transfer Purchase Order and have to be done manually.

Here are the statuses for a Transfer Sales Order:

  • Open: After creating a TSO, it is in open status. This means it has not been finalized and changes can be made to it.
  • Released: After you release a TSO, it will be sent to the warehousing department where it will be prepared for shipping. Make sure a TSO has been finalized before releasing. Releasing a TSO also automatically generates its associated Transfer Purchase Order.
  • Partially Shipped: If there are Items that are back-ordered (items yet to be shipped), a TSO will be in partially Shipped status.
  • Shipped: All items of a TSO are shipped and the order has been fulfilled (Shipped).
  • Closed: A TSO can be closed once it is fully Received or if it is no longer valid.

Transfer Sales Order Fields

Transfer Sales Order Header – Sales

  • From Store: The store where the Items are coming from.
  • To Store: The store where the Items are going to.
  • To be Shipped date: Enter a shipping date here. You can then click the icon to apply or remove this date to all items in the order. Shipping dates for individual items can be different and in that case, this date is typically the earliest Shipping date. The “Last shipped” date indicates the most recent shipment from this order.
  • Transfer PO#: A saved Transfer Sales Order will show its corresponding Transfer Purchase Order # here.
  • Date: The date the order was made.

Transfer Sales Order Header – Shipping

  • Ship Method: Choose the TSO’s shipping method here. Select Pick Up if the other store is picking up the goods themselves. Select Delivery (Third Party) if an external company is shipping the goods for you. No shipping fields will be available to edit if Pick-Up is chosen.
  • Shipping Type: If the goods are to be cartonized during the shipping process, choose Cartonized otherwise select Flat/Standard.
  • Ship Via/Carrier: Select a carrier here for shipment. If Delivery (Third Party) is selected, choose another company’s carrier for shipping (FedEx, UPS, etc.).
  • F.O.B: Choose the freight on board, origin, or destination.
  • Shipping Terms: These are the Shipping Terms options for the order.
  • Ship Service: Select a Ship Service here if necessary.
  • Shipping Notes: Enter any Shipping Notes here, these will be sent to the warehousing department.
  • Shipping Cost: Enter the Shipping Cost here.
  • Tax Code: Select the Tax on the Shipping.

Transfer Sales Order Details

  • Add Item (Alt+A): Clicking this button opens a new window where you can add items to the Purchase Order. Search for the Item in the “Item Number” field, enter a Qty, and fill in any other details. Now click Add (Enter) to add the Item. Repeat this process for adding additional Items.

The descriptions below refer to the column headings of the Items:

  • Item#: The Item’s number.
  • Item Type: The Item type.
  • Description: An Item’s description that can be edited by clicking on it.
  • Qty: An Item’s quantity that can be edited by clicking on it.
  • Qty Shipped: This is the quantity that has been shipped to the Store. It can be less than or equal to “Qty”.
  • Qty Allocated: This is the quantity that has been reserved for this order (onto a Wave(s)). It can be less than or equal to “Qty”. Its value is controlled by the warehousing department.
  • UOM: The Item’s unit of measure.
  • Ship Date: This is an individual Item’s delivery date. Edit this date if an Item on an order needs to be delivered earlier or later than the other Items. Once released, this field is seen by the warehousing department so that the Item(s) can be delivered on a separate date.
  • Availability: Indicates whether an Item is available or unavailable to transfer from the “From Store”.
  • Ship From: This field will be populated once a Store is selected.
  • Ship To: This field will be populated once a store is selected.
  • Memo: A memo for the Transfer Sales Order can be written here.

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