What is a Refund Receipt?

Refund Receipts can be created on existing Sales Receipts in the system in the case of returns. Saving a Refund Receipt will credit the selected bank.

To create a refund receipt, first select a Sales Receipt and create a refund receipt from it. Use the Refund Receipt page to create or edit existing refund receipts.

Refund Receipt Fields

Refund Receipt Header – Main

  • Search: Click this button to retrieve the Sales Receipt you want to refund. It will show the following fields:
    • Sale Store: Select the sale store for the sales receipt # you want to search for.
    • Select Refund Type: Select the refund type you want to search for.
    • Search by: Select the type of entity you want to search for (Sales Receipt #, etc.).
    • Sales Receipt Number: Search here and select your sales receipt.
    • Select: Click here to select the sales receipt.

  • Customer: This shows the customer for the sales receipt that has been fetched. Click for more details on the selected customer.
  • Payment Method: Select a payment method for this refund.
  • Select Account: The account for this refund.
  • Ref No: Enter a reference number if required.
  • Project/Class: This field will display the project or class of the sales receipt that is retrieved.
  • Date: Select a date for this refund.

Refund Receipt Header – Shipping Returns

  • Shipping Available: This field retrieves the shipping amount available to return from the sales receipt.
  • Shipping Amount: Enter the shipping amount to return.
  • Shipping Expense Account: Select the shipping expense account for the shipping return.

Refund Receipt Details

The Options button gives the feature below:

  • Batch Re-stocking Fee: Use this feature to apply the same re-stocking fee to the selected items on the refund receipt.

The descriptions below refer to the column headings of the item:

  • Re-stocking Fee: An absolute or percentage re-stocking fee for the item.
  • Return Notes: Add any return notes for the item here. Typically these are notes about the item (damaged, missing parts, etc.).
  • Project/Class: This field will display the project or class of the sales receipt line that is retrieved.
  • Memo: A memo for the refund receipt can be written here.
  • Exchange Rate: If the refund receipt is for a foreign customer, the exchange rate can be edited here.
  • Address: The customer’s address will be retrieved from the sales receipt. This can be edited.
  • Cheque Number: This field applies if the payment method is a cheque. Enter a number, or click the to automatically generate the next cheque number from the system – it is incremented from the previous number, or check “Print Later?” to print the cheque number later from the queue.


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