What is a Manufacturing Order?

A Manufacturing Order (MO) goes through the entire production cycle of an item. First, it fetches an item to manufacture, and from its BOM (Bill of Materials) it retrieves the raw goods required. Tt then goes through a picking stage where those raw goods are picked from their locations. The item is manufactured and put away into a location. Use the Manufacturing Order page to create or update an MO.

Manufacturing Order status

  • Open: A newly created MO is in open status and the raw goods cannot be waved yet.
  • Released: Once an MO’s quantities and recipe are finalized they can be released in preparation for picking.
  • In Picking: The MO’s raw goods have been allocated and are being picked in this stage.
  • Work In Progress: The picking of raw goods is complete and manufacturing for this item is taking place.
  • Produced: The raw goods are entirely consumed and the newly manufactured item is finished.

Manufacturing Order Fields

MO Header

  • Store: Select the store this item is being manufactured in.
  • Manufacturable Item Number: Search and select an item that is being manufactured. Once selected, the raw goods of its BOM will automatically be fetched below in MO Lines.
  • Manufacture Qty: Enter a quantity that is being manufactured.
  • Bill Of Material: Select a Bill of Material for the item being manufactured.
  • Memo: If necessary add a memo to this manufacturing order.
  • Schedule Date: Select the date this manufacturing order is scheduled to be manufactured.
  • Project/Class: Assign a Project/Class to the MO
  • Assign To: Assign to a User if required

MO Lines

  1. Open
  • Add Item: Click this button to add raw goods to the BOM. Please note that only items configured as raw materials can be added.

    The descriptions below refer to the column heading of the item.

  • Instructions: The manufacturing instructions for the raw good, edit it by clicking.
  • Type: The raw good’s item type.
  • Item: The raw good’s item #.
  • Description: A description for the raw good, edit it by clicking.
  • Per Qty: The raw good quantity required to produce one manufactured item.
  • Factor: This comes from the “Manufacture Qty” field.
  • To Pick: The total raw good quantity required for this MO. Per Qty * Factor.
  • UOM: The unit of measure for the raw good.
  • Unit Cost: Enter a unit cost for service or labor-type items.
  • One Time Item?: Check this box if this item is only consumed once during the manufacturing process, regardless of the quantity being produced.
  • Is Manufacturable?: If this item itself is manufacturable, then this box will be checked. Please note that upon releasing an MO, for the quantities that are not available to be picked, sub-assembly MOs will be auto-generated for manufacturable items.
  • Ref#: A reference number for the raw good.
  1. Released

    Please refer to the descriptions for Open.

  1. In Picking
  • Store: The store of the wave line.
  • Order#: The MO# of the line.
  • Status: The status of the line. Please refer to the status article of waves, they apply here on a line-level basis.
  • Wave Qty: The quantity of the line on the wave. This is different from the “Qty Allocated” column because if a line is unallocated, its quantity will appear under “Wave Qty”, not “Qty Allocated”.
  • Qty Allocated: The quantity that is allocated. If a line is unallocated, this quantity will be different than the one in “Wave Qty”.
  • Qty Picked: This is the quantity picked for the line. If it is equal to Qty Allocated, then the line will be in Picked status.
  • Action: Click this icon to open a window that will let you pick a line.
  1. Work In Progress
  • Destination Location: Choose a location here to put away the finished good.
  • Raw Materials Consumed: A table describing the materials used to produce the finished good.

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