What is a Bill Payment?

A Bill Payment is a payment that is made onto a Bill that was issued from a Vendor. This payment can be applied to multiple Bills and can contain discounts and Vendor Credits. Use the Bill Payment module to make Payments toward Bill(s).

Bill Payment Criteria
(use these settings to search for Bills to Pay)

  • Accounts Payable: Select the accounts payable for bill payment.
  • Vendor: Select the vendor to display the unpaid bills for.
  • Refresh: Refresh the Bills below.
  • : Click this button to show more filters:

    • Select Store: Select the store for the filtered bills to pay.
    • Due on or before: Show bills below with due dates on or before this date.
    • Discount Date On or Before Show bills below with discount dates on or before this date.

Pay Bills

  • Payment Date: Select a date for the bill payment.
  • Reference#: Enter a reference number here if required.
  • Payment Method: Select a payment method for the bill payment.
  • Account: Select the checking/bank (asset )account from which the payment is made.
  • Exchange Rate: If the bill is in foreign currency, the exchange rate for its payment can be changed here.
  • Memo: Add Memo notes if required.

The Options button gives the 3 features below:

  • Apply Batch Discounts: Use this feature to apply any eligible discounts for the selected bills.
  • Apply Amount To Pay: User this feature to enter the full amount to pay for the selected bills. This is handy for paying off many bills at once.
  • Reset All: Reset all the amounts under the Credit, Discount, and Pay Amount columns.


  • Amount To Pay: The sum of the Pay Amount column, so the total amount to be paid.
  • Credits To Apply: The sum of the Credit column, so the total credits to be applied.
  • Discount To Apply: The sum of the Discount column, so the total discounts to be applied.

Bill Payment Fields

  • Store: The store associated with the Bill.
  • Receipt Date: The transaction date of the Bill (the date the items were received).
  • Bill Date: The date the Vendor issued the Bill.
  • Bill#: The Bill’s number in the system.
  • Status: The payment status of the Bill.
  • Original Amount: The Bill’s original balance.
  • Amount Due: The amount left that is due on the Bill.
  • Exchange Rate: The exchange rate of the Bill.
  • Due Date: The due date of the Bill.
  • Vendor: The vendor associated with the Bill.
  • Ref#: The reference number of the Bill.
  • Terms: The payment terms of the Bill.
  • Discount Date: The discount date of the Bill. From this date suggested discounts are calculated.
  • Discount: The discount to be applied toward the bill, click it to edit.
  • Credit: The Vendor Credit amount to be applied on the Bill. Click this number to edit the Credit.
  • Currency: The Bill’s currency.
  • Pay Amount: The amount to be paid towards this Bill. Click this number to edit the amount.

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