What are the different Amazon App Logs in Xoro?

There are various Tabs in the Amazon Sales Channel App in Xoro to view and Track the Transactions.

Under the “Previous Exports” option, you will find the following Tabs:

  • Order
  • Inventory
  • Logs
  • Errors 

Under each Tab, you may opt to “Hide Resolved Exports” or “Show Errors Only” by checking the respective flag.

In the “Options” drop-down, you may choose to Re-Run the Log, Mark it as Resolved, or Mark it as Unresolved.

Let’s Visit the Amazon Sales Channel App Logs one-by-one to have a deeper understanding:


Once an Order is created in Amazon, through the Xoro-Amazon Integration the Order is further pushed and processed in Xoro.

Initially, the Order can be seen as “Pending” under the “Orders Tab”. It should get auto-processed according to the settings defined in the Amazon Sales Channel App.

The Order will be finally Dropped into Xoro and can be viewed in the “Sales Order Centre” or “Invoice Centre”.

On the other hand, if the system finds any Errors, the Order will not get Imported into Xoro. The Error(s) responsible for the Order not getting imported can be viewed under the “Errors Tab”.

The Status of a particular Order can be searched/filtered by putting in the Order# or through a “Keyword”.

Mark as Resolved: Clicking this button will mark the order as resolved if you have corrected the error manually.

Resolve and Run again: Clicking this button will try to resolve and re-run the transaction again through the automated system process.



Any Adjustment made to the Inventory in the Store Mapped with the Amazon Sales Channel App, could be viewed in the “Inventory Tab”.

A Log will be created under this Tab for any type of Transactions related to the Inventory.

You can filter out the required log by searching with the SKU#.


In this Log, you will see all the Transactions such as Orders dropped from the Amazon App to Xoro, Inventory Sync (Xoro to App), Inventory Update (Xoro to App), Fulfillment Update (Xoro to App), Link SKU, etc.

There are multiple options available to filter out the required Data:

  • By Export Date,
  • Transaction Type,
  • Through some Keyword,
  • or Order Ref#.

The information will be recorded under the following columns:

  • Import Date,
  • Start Date & End Date,
  • Entity Type,
  • Resolved (Status),
  • Sync Type ( Manual/Auto).


Find all the Errors related to a particular Transaction by filtering out the required data under this Tab.

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