What are Produced LPNs & Consumed LPNs columns in the Pick Wave module?

Two columns, “Consumed LPN” and “Produced LPN” are added to the Pick Wave module at the line level.

When an MO is produced, some raw material inventory is getting depleted as well as a new inventory is getting added to the system after the finished goods are produced.

The newly added columns in the Pick Wave module will show the Lot Numbers associated with these two types of Inventories getting triggered while producing Manufacturing Orders.

How does it work? 

  • Create a Sales Order, and link its BOM Item line with the Manufacturing Order.
  • Then, produce the Items in the Manufacturing Order. When the MO is Produced, it will pick Raw Materials inventory from a particular location (The Raw Material LPN).
  • Also, the Produced Finished Goods will be stored in another fixed location of the selected Store (The Finished Good LPN).
  • Now, go to the Sales Order and create a Wave.
  • These LPNs (Consumed LPN and Produced LPN) will be shown in the linked SO Wave (when you try to Pick the Wave for the SO line).

  • When clicking on the LPNs in the Pick Wave module, it will open the Inventory Change Log module and show the change log of the linked MO and the clicked LPN.

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