What are different Location Types in Xoro?

Location is a place where the Items are stored. If you run a large operation, there might be multiple locations where you store the Items. On the contrary, if you run a smaller operation, then you may use only one location. 

Locations are further divided into different types in Xoro. These types are useful when you want to pick and store the items in specific locations. For instance, you might want your items to be sold from a particular location or the damaged items to be stored in a particular location. 

Location Types 

There are 9 Location Types defined in Xoro:

  • Warehouse: This is the place where goods are stored and from where goods are sold. Warehouse comes into play if you are running a large operation and storing your inventory in more than one place. 
  • Store: This is the place where goods are stored and from where goods are sold. If you run a smaller operation, Store is your main location and chances are you would not have a warehouse. 
  • In Transit: When transferring the items from one location to another of the a store, the items are stored in the In Transit location. The inventory is kept in this location until received by the Receiving Store. This location type is used mainly to balance the inventory in the system.
  • Damaged Area: Often, goods are returned as they were found damaged. Damaged Area is the location where Damaged Items are stored. The inventory at this location would not be available to sell.
  • Consolidation: This is the location where small shipments that are bound for the same destination are combined into a single shipment and shipped together.
  • Manufacturing: This location type is related to Manufacturing Order. There are two kinds of Manufacturing locations- the location from where raw materials are utilized and the location where finished goods are stored.
  • WIP: This location is used when a product is being manufactured. When the Manufacture Order in ‘Work In Progress’ state, WIP is the location where raw materials are moved so that they are not shown available to sell.
  • Return: When any Item is returned due to reasons such as Customer Satisfaction, it is kept in the Return type location. The inventory in this location is not available to sell.
  • QA: QA stand for Quality Assurance. This is the location where thorough and recurring quality inspections are performed on the new arrivals and old stock to ensure good quality.

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