How do I know my Wave has been sent to my 3PL?

IMPORTANT: This article only applies to you if you have a CSV integration with your 3PL. If you have an API integration with your 3PL or self-fulfill then you simply need to ensure the Wave has been created.

When you Wave (or Allocate) your orders, Wave (pick tickets) get created, which are then sent in CSV format to your 3PL by the automated scheduler. The steps and video below describe the process of verifying that your Wave has been sent.

1. First you must successfully Wave/Allocate an order. Once you have created a Wave you will see a message similar to below:

2. Open the Wave Centre with the Wave(s) created in that order. Here you can see whether they’ve been sent or not in the “Sent by Scheduler” column.

If you have created your Wave within the hour, it could be that the scheduler hasn’t sent the batch of newly created Waves yet, which is why it is saying “N”. Please check the frequency of sending Waves for your 3PL Export Scheduler in the Job Scheduler Centre, typically this is every 30 to 60 minutes. If necessary wait until the scheduler sends its next batch of Waves and confirm that your Wave has been sent. At this stage, you are done. Optionally you may click on the checkmark icon to drill down further and see the details (filename of the CSV, exactly sent time, etc.) of the export.

Video tutorial:

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