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A User is someone who uses the Xorosoft application. Every user has their own credentials which they use to login. Use the User module to create a new user in the system. If you are adding a new user to your system, please notify Xorosoft to ensure your subscription is up to date.

  • Download the latest CSV Template from the “Upload Users” module.
  • Copy User’s information into the CSV Template.
  • Upload the CSV Template into Xoro.

Download the CSV Template file

  • Go to “Upload Users” using the search menu.
  • Click on “Download Template”.

Copy the information into the template

How to fill out the User Template?

There are columns that you must complete, and others that are optional. Mandatory fields are marked with a double asterisk (**) prefix.

  • The file must be a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. The name of your file must end with .csv extension.
  • Make sure you don’t change any of the column headings from row 1 in the template – these are needed for the file to import correctly.

If you’re importing more than 5,000 records, we recommend you split up the file.

Column NameData TypeDescription
**UserIdTextThis is the username that is used to login. Usually it is a combination of the First and Last Name.
**RoleNameTextSelect the role for this User. Once the User is created, they will automatically have access to only the modules that their assigned role has access to. Out of the box selectable roles include:

Sales Rep
Inbound Purchase
Warehouse Inbound
Sales Management
Warehouse Full

Note: If this field is blank it will be picked up from the upload default values.

**FirstNameTextThe User’s First Name.
**LastNameText The User’s Last Name.
**EmailAddrTextEnter a valid Email for the User. Once the user is saved, they will receive an email at this address instructing them to setup their account.
ActiveFlagText Enter Y to allow the user to login and entering N will not allow the user to login to the system.
StoreMappingTextEnter the store and user map to grant store access to the user. Separate multiple Stores with ‘|’, for instance “Store1|Store2|Store3”. Users who do not have access to a store will not be able to create any transaction with that store, and those who do will.
DefaultStoreTextEnter the Default store for a user so that this store is automatically selected when a new module is loaded.
IsSilentUserTextKeep this disabled when creating normal users. When creating external Sales Rep enable this and make sure to select Sales Rep as the Role. Silent users cannot login to your Xoro system and also don’t count toward your subscription. They are typically added for reporting purposes.
Note: Acceptable values are “Y” or “N”.
ImportErrorTextIf there any errors from an upload, they will be listed in this column.

Upload the template

Once you have filled the CSV file with your data, you can follow the steps below to upload it into Xoro:

  • The Default values for required columns can be configured before the upload.
  • If the data in the template is blank or incorrect, then the uploader will fallback and use these specified default values.
  • Click Browse to select the saved CSV Template file.
  • After the file has been selected, click Verify & Upload to start importing.
  • While the import is in progress, the summary of the progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen with the progress bar.
  • After the import has been completed, the result will be displayed with the message for success or error (if any).
  • Users will only get uploaded into the system if there are no errors in the file. If there are errors in the file, you can download the error file, fix the errors in the Original File and upload it back into Xoro.

Video Tutorial

If you do not have enough users to warrant using a template, you can manually create and edit users using the User module.

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