Upload Item Sales Forecast

A prediction/target can be set for a particular Year, under a given Month for the quantity of the Item to be sold through the “Sales Forecast” feature for Items.

A module has been added for batch uploading the Item Sales Forecast. 

This upload works concerning the “Sales Forecast” tab of the Item module.

You can either individually set the Sales Forecast for the Items from the Item module or Batch Upload from the “Upload Item Sales Forecast” module.

How does it work? 

  • Search for “Upload Item Sales Forecast” in the search menu.
  • This Will navigate you to the “Batch Upload Item Sales Forecast” page.

  • You can also download the existing data to view/edit from the “Download Master Data File” option.

  • Download the template and add/copy in your data using any spreadsheet software and upload the CSV file on the same page.

Below are the valid Identifier Codes to be used in Upload Item Sales Forecast.

  • 1 will represent Item Number
  • 2 will represent Item UPC
  • 3 will represent Item Barcode
  • 4 will represent Alternate item number 1
  • 5 will represent Alternate item number 2
  • 6 will represent Alternate item number 3

If there are errors in the file, you can download the error file, fix the errors in the original file, and upload it back into Xoro.


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