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Customers in Xoro systems are usually imports via third party sales channels like Shopify or WooCommerce or are created through the Customer module. Also, you can bulk upload customers through the “Upload Customers” module.

  • Download the latest CSV Template from the “Upload Customers” module.
  • Copy Customer’s information into the CSV Template.
  • Upload the CSV Template into Xoro.

Download the CSV template file

  • Go to Upload Customers using the Search Menu.
  • Click on “Download Template“.

Copy the information into the template

Once you’ve downloaded the template file, you can copy in your data using any spreadsheet software. There are columns that you must complete, and others that are optional. Mandatory fields are marked with a double asterisk (**) prefix.

  • The file must be a CSV (Comma-separated values) file. The name of your file must end with CSV.
  • Make sure you don’t change any of the column headings from row 1 in the template – these are needed for the file to import correctly.
  • All date fields will accept a format of MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.
  • Be mindful of any leading zeros in your data, some spreadsheet software will trim them automatically without notifying you. This can be resolved by ensuring your columns have correct formatting.
  • Sometimes long numbers (UPC, etc.) are formatted as scientific notation. Be sure to change the formatting on this data to display these long numbers correctly.

If you’re importing more than 5,000 records, we recommend you to split up the file.

Column NameData TypeRequired DependencyDescription
Customer NameText    This field is automatically filled. If the Customer Type is Company, then it fetches the Company Name field, if it is Individual, then it fetches the First and Last Name.
**CompanyNameText Y The Customer’s Company Name.
FirstNameText    The Customer’s First Name.
LastNameText    The Customer’s Last Name.
EmailMainText Y The Customer’s Main Email. The invitation to a customer’s system portal will be sent to this email.
EmailCC Text    The Customer’s CC Email.
DefaultBillingEmailText    The Customer’s DefaultBillingEmail.
DefaultShipmentUpdatesEmailText  The Customer’s DefaultShipmentUpdatesEmail.
**MainPhoneNumeric Y The Customer’s Main Phone Number.
MobilePhoneNumeric    The Customer’s Mobile Phone Number.
WorkPhoneNumeric    The Customer’s Work Phone Number.
FaxNumeric    The Customer’s Fax Number.
OtherContactInfoText    Any Other Contact Information of the customer.
BillToFirstName Text     The Customer’s BillToFirstName.
BillToLastName Text     The Customer’s BillToLastName.
BillToCompanyName Text     The Customer’s BillToCompanyName.
**BillToAddrText     The Customer’s BillToAddr.
BillToAddr2Text     The Customer’s BillToAddr2.
**BillToCityText     The Customer’s BillToCity.
**BillToStateText     The Customer’s BillToState.
**BillToCountryText     The Customer’s BillToCountry.
**BillToPostalZipCode Text     The Customer’s BillToPostalZipCode.
BillToEmail Text     The Customer’s BillToEmail.
BillToPhoneNumber Numeric     The Customer’s BillToPhoneNumber.
**BillToName Text     The Customer’s BillToName.
ShipToFirstName Text     The Customer’s ShipToFirstName.
ShipToLastName Text     The Customer’s ShipToLastName.
ShipToCompanyName Text     The Customer’s ShipToCompanyName.
ShipToAddr Text     The Customer’s ShipToAddr.
ShipToAddr2 Text     The Customer’s ShipToAddr2.
ShipToCity Text     The Customer’s ShipToCity.
ShipToState Text     The Customer’s ShipToState.
ShipToCountry Text     The Customer’s ShipToCountry.
ShipToPostalZipCode Text   The Customer’s ShipToPostalZipCode.
ShipToEmail Text     The Customer’s ShipToEmail.
ShipToPhoneNumber Numeric     The Customer’s ShipToPhoneNumber.
ShipToName Text     The Customer’s ShipToName.
**CustomerTypeName Text   Y Y Enter Customer Type Name from”Indiviual” or “Company” .

Note:- List (Individual, Company)

TaxableFlagStr Text     Select the TaxableFlagStr acceptable values: “Y” or “N” if it is taxable or not.
TaxCodeChar Text     Select the Tax Code for the Customer.
ForceCustomerTaxCodeStr Text     Select the ForceCustomerTaxCodeStr acceptable values: “Y” or “N” .
**CurrencyCode Text Y Enter the Currency Code for the Customer.
CreditLimit Numeric    
**RepId Text Y Y The sales representative ID for this Customer.

Note:- Available in User Centre (Module)

CsrId Text     Y Enter the Customer Service Rep ID.

Note:- Available in User Centre (Module)

**DefaultAccountReceivableName Text     Y Select the default AR for this customer. This account will automatically be fetched in the relevant modules when this customer is selected.

Note:-Available in Chart of Accounts (Module)

DefaultLiabilityAccountName Text     Y Select the DefaultLiabilityAccountName for this customer. This account will automatically be fetched in the relevant modules when this customer is selected.

Note:-Available in Chart of Accounts (Module)

DefaultDepositAccountName Text     Y Select the DefaultDepositAccountName for this customer. This account will automatically be fetched in the relevant modules when this customer is selected.

Note:-Available in Chart of Accounts (Module)

**DefaultBillingMethodTypeName Text Y Y The Customer’s DefaultBillingMethodTypeName.

Note:- List (Email, Mail)

DefaultPaymentMethodName Text     Y Enter the Customer’s DefaultPaymentMethodName.

Note:- Available in Payment Method Centre (Module)

DefaultPaymentTermName Text     Y Enter the Customer’sDefaultPaymentTermName.

Note:-Available in Payment Term Centre (Module)

DefaultProjectClassName Text     Y Enter the Customer’s DefaultProjectClassName.

Note:-Available in Project/Class Centre (Module) 

**DefaultDeliveryMethodName Text Y Y Enter the Customer’s DefaultDeliveryMethodName .

Note:-List (Pick Up, Delivery (Own Truck), Delivery (Third Party)) 

DefaultShippingTermName Text     Enter the Customer’s DefaultShippingTermName.

Note:-Available in Shipping Term Centre (Module)

DefaultCarrierName Text     Y Enter the Customer’s DefaultCarrierName Note:-Available in Carrier Centre (Module).
DefaultShipServiceName Text     Y Enter the Customer’s DefaultShipServiceName.

Note:-Available in Ship Service Centre (Module)

ShippingAccountNumber Numeric     Enter the Customer’s ShippingAccountNumber.
DefaultFOBName Text     Y Enter the Customer’s DefaultFOBName

Note:-Available in Fob Point Centre (Module).

CustomerSinceDate Date     The Customer has been with the company since this date.
CustomerJobFlagStr Text     Y Select the CustomerJobFlagStr acceptable values: “Y” or “N” if it is “Y” then Enter ther Customer Name in the ParentName Field else leave it as empty.

Note:-List (Y, N)

ParentName Text     Y Enter ther Customer Parent Name.

Note:-Available in Customer Centre (Module).

CustomerGroupName Text     Y The Customer’s group if it is a part of one.

Note-Available in Customer Group Centre (Module)

Tags Text     Enter the Tags for the Customers.
AccountNumber Numeric     The Customer’s Account Number.
BusinessNumber Numeric     The Customer’s Business Number.
JobTitle Text     The Customer’s Job title.
TaxNumber1 Text     A Tax Number for the Customer.
TaxNumber2 Text     A second Tax Number for the Customer.
AlertNote Text     Enter an Alert Note here for a Customer that will be displayed when the customer is selected in some modules.
Website Text     The Customer’s Website.
**ActiveFlagStr Text Y Y Acceptable values: “Y” or “N” to Active or Deactivate the Customer.

Note:-List (Y, N)

OpeningBalance Numeric     If necessary, enter a positive or negative amount here for the opening balance. This will generate an invoice or credit memo for the customer and is handy when creating customers that already have an existing balance.
OpeningBalanceDate Date     Enter the date of the Opening Balance.
ExchangeRate Numeric     Enter the ExchangeRate.
StoreCode Text     Y Enter the StoreCode .

Note:-Available in Store Centre (Module)

DefaultOrderTypeNamer Text     Y Enter the DefaultOrderTypeNamer .
IsPortalUser Text     Y Enter the IsPortalUser Flag .

Note:-List (Y, N)

DepositRequiredTypeName Text     Y Enter the DepositRequiredTypeName .

Note:-List (Percentage, Amount)

IsRestricted Text     Y Enter the IsRestricted Flag .

Note:-List (Y, N)

Brands Text     Y Enter the Brands .

Note:-Available in Item Brand Centre (Module)

PriceTicketRequired Text     Y Enter the PriceTicketRequired Flag .

Note:-List (Y, N)

ImportError Text     If there any errors from an upload, they will be listed in this column.

Upload the template

Once you have filled the CSV file with your data, you can follow the steps below to upload it into Xoro:

  • The Default Values for required columns can be configured before the upload.
  • Click Browse to select the saved CSV Template file.
  • After the file has been selected, click Verify & Upload to start importing.
  • While the import is in progress, the summary of the progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen with the progress bar.
  • After the import has been completed, the result will be displayed with the message for success or error (if any).
  • Customers will only get uploaded into the system if there are no errors in the file.
  • If there are errors in the file, you can download the error file, fix the errors in the Original File and upload it back into Xoro.

If you want to batch update the existing data, you can download the existing Customers by clicking on Download Existing Customers, update the necessary values in the CSV file and upload it back into Xoro.


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