Upload Bill of Materials (BOM)

A Bill Of Materials (BOM) is a list of raw materials, sub-assemblies, or any labour that goes into the Manufacturing of an Item. The materials from a BOM get consumed to produce the manufactured good.

Use the Bill of Materials module to create a BOM for an item.

Use the Batch Upload Bill Of Materials module to batch upload the BOMs in the system.

  • Download the latest CSV template from the “Batch Upload Bill Of Materials” module.
  • Copy the BOM information into the CSV template.
  • Upload the updated CSV template into Xoro.

Download the CSV template file

  • Go to “Batch Upload Bill Of Materials” using the Search Menu.
  • Click on the “Download Template“.

Copy the information into the template

Once you’ve downloaded the template file, you can copy in your data using any spreadsheet software. There are columns that you must complete, and others that are optional. Mandatory fields are marked with a double asterisk (**) prefix.

  • The file must be a CSV (Comma-separated values) file. The name of your file must end with csv.
  • Make sure you don’t change any of the column headings from row 1 in the template – these are needed for the file to import correctly.
  • All date fields will accept a format of MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.
  • Be mindful of any leading zeros in your data, some spreadsheet software will trim them automatically without notifying you. This can be resolved by ensuring your columns have correct formatting.
  • Sometimes long numbers are formatted as scientific notation. Be sure to change the formatting on this data to display these long numbers correctly.

If you’re importing more than 5,000 records, we recommend you to split up the file.

Column NameData TypeDescription
**BomNameTextGive a name to the Bill Of material
**BomItemNumberText/NumericEnter an item that this bill of materials is for. Note that only items that are configured as manufacturable will be fetched in this field.
BomItemDescriptionTextAdd Description of the BOM Item in this column.
MemoTextAdd a Memo if required.
RevisionText/NumericEnter a revision for the BOM here if necessary.
EstimateTimeMinutesNumericEnter the approximate number of minutes it takes to produce this item.
ValidFromDateNumeric Enter a date from where the validity of this BOM starts.
ValidToDateNumericEnter a date from the validity of this BOM ends.
**RawMaterialSkuText/Numeric Add raw goods to the BOM. Please note that only items configured as raw materials can be added.
DescriptionTextAdd a description for the raw good.
InstructionsText/NumericAdd Instructions for the Raw goods.
**QtyNumericEnter the number of units of the raw material added.
ServiceUnitCostNumeric This is the unit cost of the “Service/Non Inventory Item added in the BOM.
OneTimeItemTextEnter “Y” if this item is only consumed once during the manufacturing process, regardless of the quantity being produced.
PPENotesTextEnter PPE Notes if required.
ImportErrorTextIf there any errors from an upload, they will be listed in this column.

Upload the template

Once you have filled the CSV file with your data, you can follow the steps below to upload it into Xoro:

  • The Default values for required columns can be configured before the upload.

  • Please check the defaults before uploading BOM(s).
  • If the data in the template is blank or incorrect, then the uploader will fallback and use these specified default values.
  • Click Browse to select the saved CSV template file.

  • After the file has been selected, click on Upload to start importing.
  • While the import is in progress, the summary of the progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen with the progress bar.

  • After the import has been completed, the result will be displayed with the message for success or error (if any).
  • BOM will only get uploaded into the system if there are no errors in the file. If there are errors in the file, you can download the error file, fix the errors in the original file, and upload it back into Xoro.
  • You can check the uploaded BOM(s) from the BOM Centre module.


Upload Bill Of Material Revision via upload

What is a BOM Revision?

An updated BOM, that may include the revised qty of the raw materials or a change of the raw material. This is recorded in the system as a BOM revision.

Create BOM revisions through the Bill Of Material upload.

Look for the column “IsRevision” in the BOM upload CSV template.

If this is set to “Y”, then the Bill of Material will be uploaded as a revision to the existing BOM. 

Please Note:

  • If “IsRevision” is marked as true, then the columns “Revision”, “ValidFromDate”, and “ValidToDate” fields are required.
  • The revision will only be created if a Bill of Material exists.
  • If BOM does not exist, the upload will create a BOM and not a revision.




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