How do I un-reconcile a bank transaction?

Please note that unreconciling a transaction may adjust the beginning balance of your bank reconciliation. If you unreconcile a transaction you can see this change on the reconciliation change report.

There are 2 ways to unreconcile a transaction. The first method searches by the Xoro transaction:

  • Go to the Account Register module.
  • You can enable the “Is Reconciled” column.
  • Search for the Xoro transaction you want to unreconcile.
  • Click on the “Reconciled” icon.

  • That will open a window that will let you unreconcile the TXN.

The second method involves searching the bank transaction.

  • Navigate to Accounting → Bank Reconciliation → Bank Statements → Bank Statement Centre.
  • Search by: Bank Transaction Detail. Use the Advanced Search to search for the bank transaction to un-reconcile.
  • Click on the ‘Reconciled’ status of the transaction.

  • This will open a window that will let you unreconcile the TXN.

Video tutorial:

The option to “Un-Reconcile” the transactions has been provided in the following modules:

  1. Bank Deposit,
  2. Fund Transfer,
  3. Journal Entry,
  4. Outgoing Payment,
  5. Customer Deposit,
  6. Invoice Payment,
  7. Refund Sub-form,
  8. Sale Receipt,
  9. Tax Installment,
  10. Vendor Prepayment,
  11. Vendor Refund Centre.

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