Un-Reconcile Transactions associated with different modules of Xoro

Now you can Un-Reconcile the Transactions from all the modules in Xoro. Previously it was possible only to un-reconcile the transactions from the Account Register.

For this functionality, the option to “Un-Reconcile” the transactions has been provided in the following modules:

  1. Bank Deposit,
  2. Fund Transfer,
  3. Journal Entry,
  4. Outgoing Payment,
  5. Customer Deposit,
  6. Invoice Payment,
  7. Refund Sub-form,
  8. Sale Receipt,
  9. Tax Installment,
  10. Vendor Prepayment,
  11. Vendor Refund Centre.

How does it work?

This action to un-reconcile the transactions would require User-level Access.

The access can be provided from the Accounting section of the “Access Manager” module.


Let’s see how it works for the “Bank Deposit” module.

  • Navigate to the Bank Deposit module, and open a Re-Conciliated transaction.

  • From the “Options” dropdown, hit on the option to “Unreconcile”.

  • The Bank Deposit will get unreconciled.

Similar will be the case with the modules like Funds Transfer, Outgoing Payment, Customer Deposit, etc.

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