The Third-Party Field mapping module

What is Field Mapping?

The Third-Party Field mapping lets you map two fields to each other so that one gets filled in based on the value of the other.

How can I use The Third-Party Field mapping module?

With the help of the Third-Party Field mapping module, you can match the fields of Xoro to the corresponding fields of the Third-Party service. For example, you may need to match the Sales Order Values defined in the Shopify Account with that of Xoro, the Third-Party Field mapping is the module where you can set the mapping.

Setting up the Third-Party Field Mapping

Configuring Field Mapping is quite simple! To get started, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the Third-Party Field Mapping module.
  • Fill in the required details.

Third-Party Field Mapping Header
  • Mapping Name: Provide a Name to the Mapping to be created.
  • Third-Party Source: Enter the comma-separated “Third Party Source(s).
  • Third-Party Account: Enter the comma-separated Third-Party Account(s).
  • Entity: Entity to be mapped; select “Sales Order Detail” or “All”.
  • Value: The Value to be Mapped; select Value(s) for the Sales Order Entity, or define a value if mapping for all the modules.
Third-Party Field Mapping Lines
  • Xoro Value: Enter the Xoro value.
  • External Value: Enter the External Value.

In the below example, When an Order drops from Shopify with the Shopify ship service called FEX, this will translate into Fedex in Xoro on the Sales Orders.

  • Save the mapping created. The option to delete the created mapping is also provided.
  • You can view all the mappings created in the Third-Party Field Mapping Centre.



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