The new RMA Process

The new process will create ASN from RMA instead of Credit Memo. In this process after receiving ASN, the Credit Memo will be created for the Customer.
Note: Please make sure to receive all ASN(s) created from Credit Memo to get the correct In Receiving qty values for Item Inventory Snapshot module.

This setting can be turned on from the App Config module, under the General Settings Tab.

How does it work?

Workflow:  Create RMAMark as ApprovedCreate ASNReceive ASNClose ASNConvert to Credit Memo

  • Navigate to the RMA module, fill in the details.

  • Save the RMA.
  • Once the RMA is created it’s in the Open status.
  • The next step is to Print the RMA document and send the document to the Customer who has asked for the return. 
  • The “Mark as Approved” Option: Once the Approval for the Credit has been received from the Customer (the Goods gave been Received back), we can change the Status of the RMA to Approved from the “Mark as Approved” Option. 

  • The next steps in the process are to receive the Inventory back in the warehouse by creating and receiving ASN.
  • The Receiving of the Inventory is linked with the processing of the RMA.

  • From the options dropdown, hit “Create ASN”.
  • This will navigate to the Create RMA ASN module.
  • Here the ASN will be generated and can be Received to get back the Inventory into the Available Location.

  • Receiving the ASN will change the RMA status to “Credited”.

  • This will generate a Credit memo, the link can be directly accessed from the RMA.

  • Now the RMA is converted to an Invoice Credit Memo. You can either Refund the amount or apply it on an invoice.
  • The ICM can now be edited if required.

Note: The RMA will reflect on Customer info and it can also be seen in the RMA Centre.


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