The Custom Field Mapping module

This module is required to link or Map the Custom fields of an Item with the Sales Order Detail/Estimate Detail/Invoice Item Line, or the Custom fields of Customer with Sales Order/Estimate/Invoice. 

Let’s find out how Custom Field Mapping works in Xoro.

  • Type in “Custom field mapping” in the search menu to navigate to the “Custom field mapping” module.
  • In the “From-Entity” column select “Item” from the dropdown to map the Custom field of Item with Sales Order Detail/Estimate Detail/Invoice Item Line from the “To Entity” dropdown.
  • When an item is mapped to an SO Detail, then it will populate the value from the Item and place it in the SO Detail mapped in the Custom Field header.

  • On the Line level select the fields to be matched and “Add” them.

  • Similarly, we can map the Custom fields of  Customer with Sales Order/Estimate/Invoice from the “To Entity” dropdown.

  • There is an option to delete the individual mapping, also the option to batch delete the mapping is available in this module.

Also, we can make the Mapping from Header to Detail level.

  • The User can make custom field mapping for the Customer to SO header and also for SO Detail (Same for Estimate and Invoice).

  • Item can be mapped to SO Detail, Estimate Detail, and Invoice detail.

  • Now User can also make a mapping for Sales to invoice(header and detail or both).

Created a new Centre for Custom Field Mapping.

  • The Description column shows “Mapping Type” of the Custom Fields, for example; SO to Invoice Detail, Customer to SO Header, etc.
  • Added a new option “Priority” in the Custom Field Mapping module.
  • If the User has made a mapping for the Customer to the SO detail (having Priority 1) and also for Item to SO Detail (having Priority 2) then the SO line will be mapped based on the minimum priority (Customer to SO line (Priority 1)).
  • The “Priority” column is also included in the Custom Field Mapping Centre.

Please Note: Custom field mapping has also been implemented in the Upload Sales Order.

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