The Custom Field Definition module

Depending on the business model, the Custom Fields could be a requirement in a few Xoro modules such as Invoice, Invoice Item Line, Sales Order, Sales Order Detail, Customer, Sales Order Detail, etc.

Custom Fields are similar to the standard fields that come built-in to the Xoro system.

There are 30 Custom Fields that are available in the Custom Field Definition module.

Custom Fields can be created for different “Transaction Types”.

The Custom Fields can be added into the following Transaction Types:

  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Customer
  • Transfer Sale
  • Manufacturing Order
  • Item
  • Sales order detail
  • Invoice Item Line
  • Transfer Sales Order Detail
  • Purchase Order Detail
  • Estimate Detail

Let’s find out how exactly to add and apply these Custom Fields in Xoro.

  • First, Create/Define the Custom Field Definition for a module by selecting a Transaction type from the Transaction Type dropdown.
  • Three types of values are accepted while defining the Custom Fields: “Text”, “Number”, “List”, and “Date”.

  • If “List” is selected, multiple pre-defined values can be added to the Custom Fields.

Custom Field Data Type – Ability to select data type when adding a custom Field

  • Navigate to the Custom Field Definition page.
  • Added an option to specify data types for custom type: Text, Number, and List.

  • For the list, we can specify comma-separated list values.

  • This feature is available for all Transaction Types.
  • Hit Save when the Custom Fields are added.

  • After saving this, the added Custom Field Definition will show under the Custom Field Definition Center.

  • Only one Custom Field Definition can be added for each module which can be updated/deleted at any time.
  • Once the Custom Fields for a module is created, it will be visible under the Custom Field tab of that module.
  • Here as we have defined it for Invoice, the added Custom fields can be seen under the Custom Fields tab of the Invoice.





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