The approval process for validating the B2B/Portal users

There is an App Config setting to authorize the new user while signing up for the B2B presentation. This enhancement allows only the approved portal users to sign up in the application.

When a user signs up or registers for the B2B presentation,  the system will send a notification to the approver for signup approval.

How does it work?

  • In the App config module under the B2B tab,  find the setting “Use Portal signup authorization“.

  • By allowing this, a notification will be sent to the portal signup approver, to approve the portal signup.
  • “Portal signup approver email(s)” in the App Config defines the email of the approver to whom the notification will be sent.

Validating the new Portal Account

  • On the Sign-up page, fill in the details; Email and Password.

  • The pop-up message asking for validating the email through a link emailed will appear.

  • Verify the Email.

  • After validating the Email, a request is sent to the approver’s email that is set in the App Config.

The Approver’s process to Authenticate:

  • This is how the Approver receives the email.

  • The Approver validates the Email.


  • After approval, the requester (portal user) receives another email confirming the sign-up.

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