The Activity Tracking Module

What is the Activity Tracking Module? 

The Activity Tracking module is meant to record and view the Activities/Transactions performed by the Users.

Every transaction or activity is monitored and stored by the system in the Activity Tracking module which can be accessed by the Admin or any User as per the security and access level.

The transactions are recorded against each User to keep track of the activity being performed by specific users. Logs are being maintained for all activities.

How does it work? 

  • Navigate to the Activity Tracking module.

  • Filters are provided to Track the Activity, based on specific User(s) & Module(s).

  • In the Activity Tracking module, presently 46 different types of Transactions are being recorded.

  • On accessing/viewing/deleting/Voiding the transactions for example Sales Order, Invoices, Credit Memos, RMA, Sales receipts, Customer, Invoices, Refund Receipts, Estimate, and Vendor, PO, Item Receipt, Bill, Vendor Credit, Vendor Prepayment, etc., a log entry will be made in Activity Tracking module. 

The Activity/Transaction Detail can be viewed under the Description Column.

The following Different Activities/Transactions will be recorded for a particular module:

  • Viewing,
  • Updating,
  • Deleting/Batch Deleting,
  • Creating,
  • Shipping an SO,
  • Levels of MO Production

The search filter can be applied to view only the particular type of transaction(s) and for a particular User(s).

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