Split the Data Export Files based upon the Identifiers of the different modules 

The Data Export Files can be split, based upon the Identifiers when scheduling a Job.

An Identifier is a key value of the data belonging to a particular module. Following are few a examples of Xoro modules with their Identifiers.

  • Wave Detail: Order Number
  • ASN Detail: PO Number
  • SO Detail: Third-Party Ref No
  • PO Detail: Third-Party Ref No
  • Item Product Header: Base Part Number
How does it work? 
  • Navigate to the Data Export Center module.
  • Select the file to be exported; here we take the example of exporting the Wave detail.
  • Selected 6 Waves, out of which 2 have the same SO#, (Please Note: SO# is the Identifier of the Wave Detail data).
  • Now, schedule Export from the options.

  • Fill in the required details.
  • A checkbox has been added in the Job Scheduler, “Split Files By Identifier“.

Please Note: This check box will only show in the case of exports.

  •  If this checkbox is set to true, the file will be divided/split into multiple files based on the Identifier (SO# in this case).
  • In the above example out of 6 Waves, 2 Waves belong to the same SO.
  • Thus the total number of files exported will be 5.

  • The multiple files exported will be based upon the identifier on the FTP path and also for Emails.

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