How to “Set Default Wave Template” for a Customer?

There is an option to assign a Default Wave Template to a Customer. The Default Wave Template can be added from the Customer module under the Other Info tab.

While creating an SO, if the Customer selected has a Default Wave Template linked to it, and the particular Store is selected, the Inventory will be Allocated according to the linked Wave Template when a Wave is created.

Please Note: This feature is enabled if the App Config setting “Wave Template Selection Type” under the Warehouse tab is set to “Default Template”.

How does it work?

  • Navigate to the Customer module/Customer Centre. Example: Customer name: Xoro_Test_Org ABC.
  • Open the “Other Info” tab, there is a new dropdown added, “Default Wave Template”.

  • Choose the Wave Template to Allocate to the Customer.
  • The new feature in the Customer module allows you to select, edit and create/add a new Wave Template. 

  • Update the Customer information.

Please Note:  In the Wave-Template, a Location & Sequence field has been added. In this field add the Sequence of Locations from which is to be used to Allocate the Inventory.

  • Now, navigate to the Sales Order module and create an Order with the Customer Xoro_Test_Org ABC
  • Select the Store used in the Wave Template assigned to the Customer.
  • Add Item, Save and Release the Order.
  • Example; Item# Testing@2611-Blue-L, Qty; 50. 

  • The Wave Template Location & Sequence: 

  • Create Wave, and check the Inventory by location module for the selected Store and Item.
  • The Allocation of the Item is according to the Pick Sequence defined in the Wave Template.

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