What are Reorder Points & the Reorder Qty

Re-Order Point: The minimum quantity to hold of this item such that when it drops to this amount, the item should be replenished.

Re-Order Qty: The amount to re-order when an item’s stock reaches the Re-Order point quantity.

In the “Item” module, the “Re-Order Point Qty” & Re-Order Qty can be added under the Inventory tab.

Application of Re-Order Points & the Re-Order Qty in Xoro:

Using the Re-Order Qty will help to create the Purchase Order from the “Short Inventory Planner“. You can turn on the “Include Re-Order Point Data” field in the Short Inventory Planner module.

This will reflect in the “To Order” column and you can create the Purchase Order from the “Options” dropdown.

Let us consider an example to have a better understanding of how the “To Order” Qty is calculated in the “Short Inventory Planner” module.

We have an Item with a Re-Order quantity of 20 and Reorder Point of 5. And only 3 available in inventory (which is less than the Re-Order point (5))

The item will start appearing in the Short inventory planner and the To-Order qty will be

Reorder Qty(20) + amount of qty short than Reorder Point(2 ) = 22.

The To Order Quantity also gets affected if there is any PO or SO that has that item on it (in released status).

If there is a PO it will count it as available and if an SO is there it will reduce that qty from available while counting for To Order

  • In the above screenshot, you can see On SO= 3, On PO = 4, Available = 3
  • The ATS (Inc PO) becomes= 3(Available) +4(On PO)-3(On SO) = 4 < 5( Re order point) by 1.

             So, the To Order = Reorder qty + qty short from re order point = 20+1 = 21.

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