How do I Receive an ASN?

Once the goods are received, they need to check and verified against the Purchase order. This is the process of closing as ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice). To receive and close an ASN:

  1. Navigate to Warehouse → Receiving → Receive ASN.
  2. Select the store and enter the ASN number you wish to close.
  3. Click on the ASN.
  4. Verify the items and quantities.
  5. Click on the cart icon to receive an item.
  6. Once all items are received, click on ‘Close ASN’ on the top right corner of the page.

The Receive ASN Module

Use the fields in the “Select ASN” header to fetch and select ASNs below.

  • Select Store: Select the store for the ASN you’re searching for.
  • Status: Select a status for the ASN you’re searching for.
  • Search ASN: Enter the ASN number you’re searching for.

The “ASN Details” area shows the lines of the ASN selected from above. The descriptions below refer to the column headings:

  • Store: The store of the ASN line.
  • PO#: The PO# of the ASN line.
  • Item Number: The Item Number of the ASN line.
  • Status: The status of the ASN line. Please refer to the ASN status article for an explanation of the statuses, here they are line level.
  • ASN Qty: The quantity of the ASN line.
  • Received Qty: The quantity that has been put away of the ASN line.
  • Remaining Qty: ASN Qty – Received Qty
  • Labels: The number of labels to print per ASN line.
  • Action: Click this button to put away the line quantity.
  • Close ASN: Once all the lines have been put away and the ASN has been fully processed, it can be closed. Please note that this will generate item receipt(s), except for transfer purchase orders lines.

Video tutorial:

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