Printing Checks

How do I print checks in Xoro?

The checks can be printed from any module like outgoing payment, Bill Payment, Sales Tax Payment, etc.

When you make payment from any of these modules, select the payment method as check or cheque and then you will be prompted with two options


1. Print Later (These checks or cheques will go to Print Queue)

2. Enter Check or Cheque Number ((These checks or cheques will go to Cheque Centre)

1. Print Later

This option is commonly used when you were going to Print multiple checks in the end. Most commonly you will use this in case of a check run. In this option, you will mark all the checks with the print later option.

All the checks marked with the print later option will go to the Print Queue Module.

Once you’re ready to print the checks, go to the Print Queue module select your check numbers enter the first check, and hit the print batch option.

Once all the checks are printed correctly, click on the “Mark as printed” button.

Once the checks are printed, all the checks will show up and the Check Centre or Cheque Centre module.

2. Enter Check or Cheque Number 

This option will be used when you want to print/assign the check number right away.

In this case click on the check number checkbox, enter the check number that you’re trying to print.

Save the outgoing payment or bill payment. Then click on the print check or print cheque on the top right.

As this check was instantaneously assigned and printed, this skips the print queue and can be found in the check Centre module.

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If your check format is not properly aligned, please submit the ticket and attach your voided check sample along with the ticket.


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