Payment/Deposit Links in the Invoice and Sales Order Centre

Xoro gives you the ability to view/copy the Deposit/Payment links (URL)

  • The Deposit link(s) can be accessed from the Sales Order Center.
  • The Payment link(s) can be viewed from the Invoice Centre.

 Sales Order Centre:

 Added an icon to view Deposit Email Sent History, under the “Deposit Email Sent?” column.

 Also added an icon to view the “Pay Deposit” Link in the “Deposit Link” Column.

  • To view it, double click on the “Pin icon”.
  • A pop-up will open up to show the Payment Links. These are “copy to clipboard” links. 

 There will be 3 different types of Links available to see:

  1. Round Green Tick: Usable Link. 
  2. Blue Tick: Used link.
  3. Caution sign: Expired Link.

 Invoice Centre: 

Similarly, the feature is available in the Invoice Centre.

  • Here in the Invoice Centre, an icon to view the Payment Link in the “Payment Email Sent” Column has been provided. 

  • Just hover over the icon to see the details.

  • Click on the icon to access the Payment link.

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