Managing Sales Commissions

Sales commissions are usually calculated as a percentage of revenue generated by the salesperson. Xoro commission rules can be set up to calculate these values based on all kinds of criteria such as Item Brand, Discount, Sales Rep, Rep Groups, etc.

  • Navigate to Sales → Commission → Commission Rule
  • Set the criteria in the commission rule header.

Revenue Deduction: This will reduce the revenue per item by the amount/percentage added before calculating commissions.

  • Select Parent Rule:  This will include/import the conditions and offset criteria from the parent rule when running commission reports.

  • Add Conditions for the current rule.

  • The offset criteria is a special condition to encourage (or discourage) particular sales.
  • Run the commission report and adjust the rule(s) if necessary.
  • The Commission Rule Centre displays all the Rules created and from here the Rules can be viewed/edited or deleted.

Video tutorial:

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