Limit Customers/Intercompany Customers and Vendor access to certain Users in the Company based upon the Permission Groups

Xoro has the ability to restrict the access of Customers/Vendors to the Users on the basis of Permission Groups.

The following features have been introduced for the purpose:

  1. The new module “Permission Group” has been added.
  2. Added Permission Group dropdown in Customer and Vendor module under the “Other info tab”.
  3. Added new tab in user module i.e. Advanced Permissions. 

How does this work?

  • Navigate to the Permission Group Module.
  • Give a name and add a “Permission Group” by saving it.

  • Look for all the “Permission Groups” created from the “Permission Group Centre”.

  • Navigate to the Customer/Vendor and open the “Other Info” tab.
  • From the “Permission Group” dropdown select the Permission Group that has to be assigned to the Customer/Vendor.

  • Hit “Update”.

You can assign a “Permission Group” to multiple Customers/Vendors.

  • Now, navigate to the User Centre.
  • Select-open a User.

  • Shift to the “Advanced Permission” tab.
  • Under that tab, there is an option “Enable Advanced Permissions”.

   When this is checked, it will show 2 dropdowns

 a. Restriction Type Dropdown: There are 2 options in this dropdown:

  1. Restrict These, and
  2. Allow Only these

  • Selecting “Restrict these”,  the permission group mentioned in the permission group dropdown will not show in the Customer and Vendor module.
  • For Example; there is a permission group named “Permission Group Test” and a few Customers and Vendors are added to this Permission group then those Customers/Vendors will not be shown in the Sales and Purchase modules and their respective Centres.
  • On the other hand, by selecting the “Allow Only these” option, only the Customers/Vendors added to the Permission Group can be accessed by the User.

b. Permission Group Dropdown: This is a multi-select dropdown you can select multiple Permission Groups.

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