Item Tracking by Serial Number

There is a flag in the Item Module called, “Tracking by Serial Number“.

Once turned on, the system will prompt a pop-up for entering the serial number (by units), at the time of Shipping in the Outbound Module of Xoro.

Further this feature “Tracking by Serial Number”, will soon be added to the Inbound Module too.

How does it work?

  • Item Module
  • Navigate to the “Item Module” or “Item Centre”
  • Create New Items or modify them from the existing Items.
  • Navigate to “Other Attributes” and mark “Tracking By Serial Number” checked.

  • Outbound Module
  • Create a Sales Order for the Item for which the “Tracking by Serial Number” flag has been marked checked.
  • Save the Sales Order and Release it.
  • Go to the Options and Quick-Ship the SO, “Add Serial Number” box will pop-up automatically.

Fill in the serial numbers for all the units and save them.

This functionality is also available in Express-Ship/Pack & Ship.

  • Release the Sales Order and create a Wave.
  • Fulfill, Close, and Ship Wave.
  • While Shipping Orders, a dialog window will pop up asking for serial numbers for the Items.

C: Invoice, Credit Memo & Invoice Credit Memo

This feature is present in the Invoice, Credit Memo & Invoice Credit Memo as well.

  • Serial numbers linked to an Invoice, Credit Memo, or Invoice Credit Memo can be viewed in the sub-view form.

  • The Serial numbers of the Items can be viewed in the “list icon” on the right side of the Item lines.


  • The Item Serial number will be a unique identifier for each unit of Item that is to be shipped.
  • No two units can have the same serial number.


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