Is it possible to create an automated weekly report for the due invoices?

Yes, you can schedule a Job to send you a weekly email on the due Invoices in the system.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Navigate to Data Export Centre.
  • Pull up the “Invoice header” in the Search by option.
  • Pull up the desired results by using this filter: Amount Due Greater Than 0.

  • Go to the Options menu and Schedule an Export.

**What are Export/Import Utility Templates? Xoro has the ability to export or import data into and out of external systems using templates that can be built. These templates will simplify the process of data exchange in different formats

  • Click on Schedule and this will open up a “Job Scheduler” dialog.
  • Fill in the following details:
    • Schedule Title: Give a Title for the Schedule.
    • Description: You can put the same thing for the description.
    • Action: It’s going to lock this as an export.
    • Start At: Select the date when you want to start this scheduler. You can choose today’s date.
    • End At: Select a Date when you want this scheduler to stop.
    • Format: Choose CSV as the format.
    • Destination Type: You can select Email.
    • Fill in the Email information below.
    • Recurring Schedule?: Check this box and set the schedule depending on how often you want this scheduler to send you emails.
  • To set up weekly emails for due Invoices, choose Every week, then select the day of the week and then the time at which you want the emails to be sent.

  • Save the Job.
  • This way you will get the report every week as per the settings that you will save on the above page.

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