IP Restriction Implementation

There is an App Config setting to restrict the login access of certain IP addresses.

You will find this setting Under the “Security” tab of the App Config module.


  • By turning ON this setting “Use IP Restriction” you will enable the feature of restricting the IP addresses in the system.
  • In the “IP Restriction Approval Email(s)” you can set the email address(s), that are going to receive the email to grant access to that particular IP.
  • In the Email Template module you can set up the Email template for both IP Restriction and IP Added to whitelist.

  • In the IP restriction management module you can add the User name and IP address while adding IP addresses make sure they are IPV4 and IPV6 addresses only.

  • When IP is blocked it’s going to show a blocked page (send request).
  • After the request is successfully sent the emails added in the App Config will receive the confirmation email.
  • After granting access the same link will expire.

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