Initiate Onboarding Tickets

In this article, we are going to learn “how to set up the onboarding tasks and assign watchers” to them if necessary. We will also go through “how to generate Tickets and comment on the tasks” to communicate with the onboarding specialist in the Xoro team.

Navigate to the Onboarding Centre module by searching from the “Search Menu”, and you will see a screen to “Start Onboarding“, “Click to Start”.

You will see the above screen, in the Centre of the page the video explains all the steps (same as it’s explained here) required to be performed to go through the Onboarding process.

  • Before proceeding further, please confirm that the Users are created in your Xoro instance.
These Users (Team members or Sales Reps)  will be going to help you in Onboarding by assigning them the onboarding tasks.
  • From the “User Centre”, you can check what users you already have in the system and if you need to add any additional users in the system, they can be created from the “User” module or Batch upload Users.

Refer to the guide article for creating the Users: How do I create a User?

Assign Onboarding Task Watchers

So now when the users are created in the system let’s go over to the Onboarding Wizard.
  • Hit “Next” and you will be navigated to “Onboarding Tasks Watchers” settings.
Please note: You can always go back and forth on this page. So even if you hit next you can always just scroll down and hit previous to catch the video again.

  • On the “Onboarding Tasks Watchers” page, you can see all the tasks for the Onboarding process.
  • For each onboarding task, you can assign a watcher and “Enable email notifications for the watcher(s)“.

So if there’s any activity on the task, eg: made a comment or attached a file and the watchers are assigned to that task, with the “Enable email notification for watcher(s)” turned On, they will get an email notification regarding the activity made on that particular task.

 You can apply these Watchers in batch as well. The Watcher(s) assigned for a particular task can be batch assigned for all the tasks.

  • On the right side of the Watcher’s dropdown, click on the “tools”‘ icon.
  • Click on “Apply watchers to all tasks”.

The Onboarding Tasks

Once the Watchers have been assigned for all the Tasks, just scroll down and click Next.
You will find all the Onboarding Tasks. Here you can review if they’re assigned to the correct Watchers and whether they have email notifications or not.

The Onboarding Centre

In the Onboarding Centre, on the top right corner, you will see the “Go Live Status” and the “Estimated Go Live date”.

There is a total of 32 Tickets (Tasks) in the Onboarding process. 

These tickets are mostly divided into three sections:

  • Data uploads 
  • Onboarding setup 
  • Training

The Tickets(Tasks) will go through different “Status”:

  • Open,
  • On Hold,
  • Waiting For Customer,
  • Resolved, and
  • Closed. 

On the right side of the Ticket Status line, you will see the Percentage of Onboarding process completion. 

  • So once the tasks are generated, open a Ticket and you will find all the details related to that Task inside the Ticket.
  • Just have a read of this and make sure everything’s clear. 
  • You can make comments, attach files on the Tickets, and ask questions related to the Task. 

  • You can also assign yourself to be a watcher of a task. This will keep you in the loop of what’s going on with uploading customers or uploading Items and so on. 



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