Why are UPC’s/Barcodes showing as “2.14E+11” on my SKUs?

If you are seeing UPC or Barcodes for your Xoro SKUs in an incorrect format, like the scientific notation “2.14E+11” then this article applies to you.

Most likely what happened is when you used the Item/Product Uploader module, Excel automatically formatted the “ItemBarcode” or “ItemUpc” column incorrectly and the very long numbers became truncated. And so when it got uploaded into the system they got uploaded in scientific notation. Remember when dealing with very long numbers in Excel to always format the cells as “Number” with 0 decimal places:

That way the data is retained. You can always do a sanity check by opening the CSV file in a simple text editor like Notepad that does not apply any formatting. If the UPCs are intact here then your file hasn’t been incorrectly formatted.

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