I’m getting an error message “inventory value/quantity to be negative…”. What does this mean?

Occasionally when trying to create/edit/void a transaction you may be blocked from doing so, and may encounter a message like so:

This message is most likely to appear in the following scenarios:

  • When trying to void an older Item Receipt or Bill
  • When trying to void an older Credit Memo
  • When trying to make a backdated negative Inventory Adjustment

Xoro is built on the backbone of an accounting system, and so there are many checks in place that prevent you from doing something that would give an invalid or incorrect result. One of those checks is ensuring you do not have a negative asset value or negative on-hand value for an item. For instance, we want to always prevent the scenario of selling more than you actually have. It doesn’t make sense to sell 12 units when you only have 10.

When you encounter a message like the one above, you can begin diagnosing what it means by going to the Item Centre and searching the Item ID to see which item was causing the error. In our case searching for Item ID = 12326 gives us ItemNumber CHAW16-WHT-S. Now using the Inventory Valuation Summary Report in the Reporting library I can see all the transactions for this item:

We were trying to void the Credit Memo highlighted in red. The error message told us that voiding it would result in the Invoice (highlighted in blue) having a negative Qty and negative asset value. This is not allowed. If it were, you’d be telling the system you sold 95 units when only 78 were on hand. Thus, Xoro is blocking this action.

There is a workaround for this if the transaction you’re trying to create/edit/void must go through. You can create 2 adjustments that have a net total Qty of 0 that will act as a buffer around the affected transaction. And because the sum of their adjustments will be 0, it won’t affect your books in any way. So in our case above, I would create a +100 inventory adjustment for warehouse MAIN with a date of 6/14/2018 (before the invoice) and a -100 inventory adjustment¬†for warehouse MAIN with a date of 6/16/2018 (after the invoice). Then when I try voiding the Credit Memo, it will allow me to this time.

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