How to void a Credit Memo when Item is in the Damaged Location?

To void the Credit Memo when the Item is in the Damaged Location will require to make the Item as “Available”.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Credit Memo to be voided and copy the Item number.

  • Open Inventory by Location module. Search for Item#.
  • Right-click on item#, and select “Change Not Available Qty”.

  • Enter the “New to Not Available Qty“, by adding the qty on the Credit Memo to the Available Qty.
  • Hit “Change Quantity”.

  • Open the Credit Memo module and click on Qty. Uncredit the Item and click on Close 
  • Select Void from Option on the Credit Memo module.


To learn in detail about “Voiding a Credit Memo” refer to the article:


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