How to update the Product Description in Shopify

To update the Product Description into Shopify, follow the below steps:-

  • Check the “Import Products into Shopify” setting under the Shopify settings.

When the existing SKUs are updated manually or new SKUs are Uploaded/Created in Xoro, they will get imported in Shopify.

  • Check the “Update SKU Changes in Shopify once it gets updated in Xoro” setting.

Whenever a Product gets updated in Xoro,  it will also get updated in Shopify. Additionally, it will only update those Product values which are selected from the fields list such as Variant Unit Cost, Variant Unit Price, Product Tags Update, etc. Select Product Description from the list of fields.

If nothing is selected then this setting will update all the fields in Shopify.


  • If a Tag is selected, for example (SHOPIFY) it will update only those Items in Shopify whose tags contain SHOPIFY.


Now when the description for a SKU is updated in Xoro, it will also get updated in Shopify.


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