How to Split multiple units of an Item into different Cartons?

An Item can now be split into multiple cartons. while shipping. We have added the “Split Qty between selected Cartons?” toggle button when adding a single un-cartonized Item to cartons.

How does it work?

  • In the Prepare Shipment page, first un-cartonize the Item from a carton by right-clicking on it.

  • The Un-Cartonized Item will be shown in the “Un-Cartonized Lines” section, just below the cartons.

  • You can Add Cartons as per requirement by clicking on the ‘Add Carton’ button.
  • Now, select the cartons in which you want to split the items.
  • Next, drag the Item to any of the cartons.
  • A pop-up window will appear to confirm the quantity to be split.
  • Turn on the ‘Split Qty between selected Cartons?’ toggle and enter the quantity to split in the text box.

  • If the toggle, as mentioned above is true, then it will split the entered qty into the selected cartons.

  • This functionality will only work when adding a single item to the Cartons.
  • If there are more cartons than the Qty you are trying to split, then it will throw an error. For instance, you will get an error if you are trying to split 5 units in 6 cartons. In simple terms, there should be at least 1 item per carton when splitting.

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