How to sort Variant sequences at the Item detail level?

The Items can be sorted based on their variant’s values.

  • This feature is available in different modules where Items have to be added.
  • Also, added ‘Variant Sequence (Low to High)’ in the sort options in the Sales Order module.

This will sort the Items added through the advanced variant finder.

  • This feature is app config based: Turn on the config “Display item variants in sorted order” under the General tab in the App Config module.

  • If this setting is turned on, all the item dropdowns will display the items in the sorted order of variant options like size, color, etc.
  • The enhancement is implemented in the following modules: Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory by Location, and Create Inventory Adjustment.

  • The sorting Sequence will be: First by Base Part Number then by Option 1 Value then by Option 2 value and Option 3 value.

Please Note:

  • It will only be shown if Product Variants are On.
  • This can make the item search slightly slower in dropdowns.


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