How to set up Mandate for Go Cardless ACH Payments

Xoro has integrated the GoCardless ACH Payments to make the Payment process easier and faster.

With the Direct Debit payments service, Customers can be prompted to authorize cardless payments with the help of a mandate. After the mandate has been set, you can directly collect payments from the customer(s) on an ongoing basis without the Customer having to do anything on their end.

To set up a mandate for GoCardless ACH Payments, follow these steps:

Connect with GoCardless

  • Navigate to “Manage Direct Debit Payment Services” and connect to GOCARDLESS.

  • Add the Service Name and click on Connect.

  • Fill in the details to Sign In to GoCardless and Connect the accounts.

Setting up a Customer to pay by GoCardless

  • Then, go to Customer Centre and open the Customer for which you want to set up the Direct Debit service.
  • Go to the Payments tab in the Customer details. Select Interac Debit as the Default Payment Method and click on Update.

  • Then, go to Options>Send Direct Debit Setup Request to send an email request to the Customer to authorize the Direct Debit service.

  • You can also send the Direct Debit Setup Request to bulk Customers from the Customer Centre. To do that, select the Customers in the Customer Centre and then go to Options > Send Direct Debit Setup Request(s).

Customer Mandate Setup

  • The Customer will receive an email with a link to “Start Setup”.

  • On clicking on the link, they will be directed to the mandate form.
  • The Customer(s) will need to add their personal information, bank details, and contact details in the form and click on Confirm to set up Direct Debit authorization.
  • First, you need to fill in your personal details.

  • Next, you need to fill in the Bank details, including the Transit number, Institution number, and Account number.

  • After filling in the details, click on “Set up this Pre-Authorized Debit”.

  • Your Direct Debit mandate is now set up.

Customer Direct Deposit Centre: Check Mandate Status and ID

  • On completion, a new entry with “Mandate” having a unique ID will be created in the “Customer Direct Deposit Centre” for the Customer.

  • Now, navigate to the Customer module, and under the Payments tab, select the Bank Ref# as the Payment Direct Debit Account and check the Auto Process Payment option to enable automatic payment on the Due Date.

Please Note: For every Customer, the mandate needs to be set up only once.

Payment with Direct Deposit

  • After selecting this option, when you make a transaction for the Customer, the payment will be automatically debited for the Customer.
  • For example, when you are making an Invoice Payment, the Auto Process Direct Debit option will be populated, along with the Payment Direct Debit Account on the top-right corner of the Customer Name.

  • A transaction for the Invoice Payment is created on the Go Cardless account.

  • The Status of the Payment can be seen in the GoCardless interface, Invoice Payment Centre, and Payment Process Logs module.

  • You can see the Status of the Payment and Payment Ref in the Invoice Payment Centre and “Payment Process Log” module. Here, the ‘Payment Ref’ column reflects the Payment Direct Debit Account of the Customer.

  • The status of the Payment will automatically change as per the status in the GoCardless interface.

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