How to set the default “Refund Account” for the Credit Memo?

When initiating Refunds from the Credit Memo Centre, you can pre-set a default for the “Customer Refund Account” that will be automatically displayed under the “Refund Account” fields in the Customer Refund view form.

An App Config setting has been created for the same: “Customer Refund Account”. 

If the value for the config is set, then that value will be used as the default refund account for Credit Memo, Customer Deposit, Invoice Payment

How does it work? 

  • Goto the App Config module.
  • Under the “Accounting” section, find the setting: “Default Customer Refund Account”. 
  • Choose an account to be used for paying the Refund.

  • Now, navigate to the Credit Memo Centre.
  • Right-click on a Credit Memo, and hit “Refund Balance”.
  • The Customer Refund form will open up.
  • The “Refund Account” will be auto-selected, as defined in the setting.

If nothing is selected in the App Config setting, then it will work with the old functionality and any account will be picked up randomly.

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