How to set ‘Payment by Card’ as the default payment method for a Customer?

The “Auto-Select Process Card” checkbox is added in the Customer module, under the Payments tab.

  • Also added the “Process Card as Default ” column in the Customer Centre.

  • The “Auto-Select Process Card” option will only be shown if the default payment method type is Credit Card.
  • If the Auto-Select Process Card option is set to true for the Customer, then in the Payment modules (such as Invoice Payment, and Customer Deposit) the Customer’s Default Payment Method will be auto-filled in the Payment Method option. Also, the Process Card option will be automatically checked.

  • Please note that here the card will not be selected automatically, the user will have to add the card manually. For clarity regarding this, there is a Warning icon on the right of the payment method. Hovering over it will show the message “No Credit Card info Provided, Click To Enter”. Click on the Warning icon to fill in the card details and make the payment.

  • If you have saved a card, then on selecting that Card, other info will hide automatically. In this case, just click on Confirm and make the payment.



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