How to Reverse/Delete an Inventory Adjustment?

It is not possible to delete an Inventory Adjustment. It can only be reversed by a subsequent Inventory Adjustment. Reversing an Inventory Adjustment is simply creating another Adjustment to the one already created.

To Reverse an Inventory Adjustment, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the ‘Inventory Adjustment’ module and select the ‘Store’.
  • Select the ‘Item Number’.
  • Select the ‘Reason Code.

  • Now, under the ‘Diff’ column choose by what quantity you want to adjust the inventory. You can make a positive or negative adjustment here. Refer to the explanation below for this:

Negative Adjustment:

Assume the following scenario: You have an item “Wireless Keyboard” in your inventory of which you had 100 units. You made the inventory adjustment to increase the quantity by ’10’ units, and now you want to reverse it.

So, now, you have to do a negative adjustment. In this case, under the column ‘Diff’, you will enter the Difference Quantity as “-10”.

  • Quantity after the initial Inventory Adjustment= 110
  • To reverse the adjustment, the ‘Diff’ quantity= -10
  • Quantity after the Reverse Inventory Adjustment= 100 (110-10)

Note: Please remember, if you want to reverse the adjustment or decrease the inventory, you have to put in a negative value.

Positive Adjustment:

If you had depleted the inventory before and now you want to increase the inventory, under the ‘Diff’ column put the amount by which you want to increase the inventory. This is called a positive inventory adjustment.

  • As shown below, the items that you want to reverse would appear as the “difference” under ‘Diff’.
  • The ‘New Qty’ column will display the new quantity as per the adjustment by adding or subtracting the ‘Diff’ value from the ‘Net Available’ value.

  • Click on ‘Adjust Inventory’ to save your changes.

You can use the Batch Upload Inventory module to batch delete/update the Inventory.

  • Navigate to the Upload Inventory module.
  • Download the template.

  • Add the inventory information into the CSV template.

  • Upload the file to reverse the inventory adjustment. Here also, you can do a positive or negative adjustment. When decreasing the inventory, you have to put a negative value under the column, ‘Qty’ in the CSV file.

Note: Use the Delta Rule to decrease the inventory.

  • Delta Rule BehaviorThis rule increments or decrements the quantity for a particular Item. For example, entering 1 here increases the current inventory in the system on that location by 1. Likewise, putting -1 decreases the current inventory in the system on that location by -1.


  • Sync Rule Behavior: This rule increments or decrements the final quantity for a particular item. For example, if you have an item with 100 units and you want to increase the inventory by 10 units, entering 110 in the ‘Net Available’ quantity increases the inventory by 10 units. Likewise, adding 90 in the ‘Net Available’ quantity decreases the inventory by 10 units.

**Sync Rule does not work on back-dated adjustments.

You can also refer to the Upload Inventory Article for further details.


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