How to restrict the Brand Level access for a B2B portal Customer?

The B2B provides the functionality to restrict customers from selecting certain Brands in the B2B module

To apply this, two fields in the customer module/uploads are to be considered:

  •  Select the”Brand(s)
  • Check the “Is Restricted” flag

How does it work? 

  • Open the Customer page, under the Portal tab.
  • Select Brands from the “Brands” dropdown for restricting the Brands.

  • If the below Checkbox is checked, it will restrict the Customers to see the products belonging to the above-selected Brands in the B2B ordering module.

  • Navigate to B2B > Presentation Centre.
  • Brands will show up according to the restriction checkbox.
  • If checked then it will restrict the selected brands.
  • If unchecked then it will show the selected brands.

Also added “Brands” and “Is Restricted” fields in the Advanced search option, on the Customer page.

B2B Brand selection
Restrict Customer Brands
B2B customer brand restriction

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