How to restrict auto-creation of Sub-MO for an Item, even when allowed in the App Config?

The auto-creation of Sub MOs can be restricted for particular manufacturable Items, even when the “Force Sub MO” App Config or the toggle in the MO is true.

This functionality is useful in cases when the Sub MOs would ideally be created for the raw materials of MO, but the user wants to prevent the Sub MOs for some or all of the raw materials.

For this purpose, ‘Prevent Sub MO‘ column has been added in the Bill Of Material and Manufacturing Order modules.

  • This checkbox is only enabled for raw material lines that are manufacturable.

  • If this field is checked, then this will not auto-create sub MOs for this line if inventory is short while releasing.

Note: This check has high priority than the Force Sub MO” checkbox on the MO header level.

How does it work?

  • Make this flag true for a BOM Items.

  • Go to the Manufacture Order module and add the Bill of Material.
  • ‘Prevent Sub MO’ column is added to the MO Item level. It will be auto-checked if this flag is true for that bill of material line.

  • Enable the “Force Sub MO(s)” flag.
  • Create MO with the ‘Prevent Sub Mo?’ flag true.

  • It will not create the Sub-MO for the line for which Prevent Sub Mo flag is true even when Enable Force Sub MO(s) flag is enabled.

  • The Priority of the ‘Prevent Sub MO’ flag is the highest.

Please note that this may impact the auto producible function as the picking stage may not be completed due to insufficient inventory of these items.

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